Learning Where and When You Want: 19 Hours and Rising

That's right - we now have 19 hours of great personal development content available to all PWN Global members, just one click away! You can pîck and mix the subjects, the frequency and the location that you learn in (so long as you have an internet connection!).

Since late September 2017, we have been delivering at least one webinar per month and we have another 10 confirmed slots over the forthcoming months. Our webinars are generally recorded and then saved to the Publications section of our website. 

We have been receiving some incredible feedback and we believe that this offer is a huge value added to any PWN member.

If you are not already a PWN member and want to 'try before you buy', please get in touch with me, and let me know which webinar you would like to listen back to before you make your decision to join us as a fully fledged member!

If you are interested in collaborating with PWN Global as a Corporate Partnerwe would be happy to talk to you about checking out our content in an effort to show you what you and your staff are missing!


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