Professional AMBITION: Exploring the perspectives of men and women

PWN Paris  has launched a new program, which many of you may have already heard about - Professional AMBITION: Exploring the perspectives of men and women. You can contribute to this project in just a few clicks.

The PWN Paris Think Tank team has launched a survey, addressing the views of both men and women, on the very interesting topic of professional ambition.  They are soliciting responses from professionals all around the world.

On behalf of the team, PWN Global invites you to take a moment to contribute to this global project by completing the survey. Simply click here to start

The questions deal with your perceptions, your experience and your projections for the future on the topic of AMBITION.  The survey should take you about 20 minutes. You can answer in either French or English via the same link. Your replies will be anonymous.

These global results will be shared at an inspiring event in Paris, at the end of the year, and in the PWN Global Newsletter that will follow in the new year.

On behalf of Patricia Wyckhuys (Project Leader), Magali Baton, Lucile Gubler, Romaine Johnstone, Isabelle Monset (Project Team) and Corinne Hirsch (VP Think Tanks) all of PWN Paris, thank you in advance for your contribution to this collective adventure. Your input will be very precious to the whole programme. 


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