PWN Lagos: Professional Grooming for Girls Launch Event

After several month of discussion, PWN Lagos finally launched with a fanfare - holding its first leadership empowerment programme titled “Professional Grooming for Girls (PGG)” in December 2017. The event  represented a true team effort, will all of the PWN Lagos Board members taking active roles in the day, inspiring students with uplifting stories or professional women.

The event was aimed at empowering and mentoring adolescent students in a large local college, by helping them to build self esteem, leadership empowerment and making choices regarding the right career path to chose.  

Our PWN Lagos VP Events, Joy Chiejine acted as MC for the PGG event. 

The secretary of our first African network, Mrs Chinenye Oragwu kicked off proceedings, speaking on the topic “Building self esteem”, highlighting the power of positive thinking and its significance in grooming oneself. 

The second speaker, Sandra Momah, President of PWN Lagos spoke on “Choosing the right career choice and the place of passion and talent” .  

The topic aimed at assisting the students to  identify different career fields to delve into. What factors they need to consider when choosing a career path and understanding the usefulness of passion and talent in choosing a career. 

The final speaker, PWN Lagos' VP Mentorship, Titilayo Fowokan wrapped up the segment by sharing her personal experience with the students. Highlighting the fact that she feels happy and fulfilled when she sets a target and achieves it. She also highlighted the importance of positive thinking. She advised the student to be determined in what they set their mind to achieve, as “If anybody Can WE CAN. Even if others Can't WE CAN”.

The question and answer session was led by Emem Ejikeme, Treasurer of PWN Lagos.

We were delighted to see the dynamicism shown by the students in asking insightful and, at times, challenging questions. 

We hope this will be the first of many successful events and are thrilled with the level of press coverage (see a short clip here) this unique animation attracted. We would like to extend a big thank you to VP Communications, Chioma Anetoh, and acknowledge all who participated in making the event a huge success.




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