Survey on Gender Related Career Myths

Award-winning author and former PWN Global Webinar presenter, Lynn Schmidt, has asked us to share her latest piece of research with you.  Lynn says "We need the input of women (only) on a short, 15 min. survey on gender related career myths. 

While the number of women entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders in corporate roles is growing, there are many challenges that women face that aren't typically faced by their male counterparts. Please take a few minutes to provide input on career myths and advice for helping women overcome them. Feel free to share with other women you know."

In this project, Lynn is partnering with leadership expert and author Saundra Stroope to gather research for their next book. 

This survey is about career myths, or untrue beliefs, that many women believe and/or experience at some point during their careers. The target audience for this survey is individuals who self identify their gender as female, so please only complete this survey if you self identify your gender as female. 

Lynn adds, "These career myths often get in the way of women's success and career satisfaction. The information gathered in this survey is for the purpose of validating the list of myths and collecting helpful career advice to help women overcome them.

Lynn Schmidt PhDYour personal responses are confidential and anonymous. Nothing you share in this survey will be attributed directly to you in the book. It should take about 15 minutes to complete. We appreciate your input and commitment to helping women advance."


Jan 2018




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