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PWN Global Newsletter Q4 2018


There is no doubt – the digital era is already here and it is transforming company organizational design, working practices and workforce requirements.

It is also evident that the skills and competencies required of leaders in the digital era are quite different. 

In our Q3 Newsletter, my fellow Co-President, Sonya Richardson, spelled out how women are already stepping up in the digital era and have the talents necessary to succeed in this uncertain and complex business environment.

She also outlined the four reasons why gender balanced leadership will thrive in the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’.

One of the key drivers to accelerate the transformation that Sonya mentioned is men stepping up as ‘Manbassadors’ of female leadership. 

So what can men do to support women in the digital space:

  • Mentoring: mentoring, as a concept and practice, has been around for many years, but the digital era gives opportunities for men to mentor women remotely as well as in person, widening the options for women to find great male mentors. PWN city networks run successful mentoring programmes and we need more men to volunteer their time to mentor women in the digital space. Click here to find out more.
  • Reverse mentoring: This is a newer concept, and involves senior men being mentored by women at earlier stages of their career. It enables these men to get insights into how they can change their own mindsets around the skills women bring to roles in the digital world. It also helps them to better understand the challenges these women face in developing and enhancing their careers. This is particularly useful for those men who are people managers of high potential women.
  • Understand their own biases: Men can participate in inclusive leadership courses and similar programmes which enable them to understand and address their own biases, eg about womens’ ambitions and what roles are suitable for women.
  • Speak out: We need all men, but particularly senior leaders, to familiarise themselves with and speak out about the business case and rationale for balanced leadership and for having more women in leadership in the digital era. We also need male leaders to speak out where they see discrimination and bias against women in the workplace.
  • Take Action: Male leaders can act to change the working environment for women and indeed all employees, particularly in the areas of culture, leadership development, working practices (eg flexible working, parental leave etc), promotions and pay policy.
  • Role models: Male leaders can demonstrate their support for gender balanced leadership by acting as role models for other men. They can show that inclusive leadership skills and competencies behaviours really can enhance their own careers. PWN will highlight, encourage and support the male leaders we see as role models in the digital space.

We are going to be exploring all of this further in the latest in our series of successful PWN Global Diversity Labs in Lyon on 9th November called “Capitalising on the Digital Era to Drive Gender Balance” . We expect this will be a great discussion and enable attendees to come away with ideas and plans to drive change.

Also on 9th November in Lyon, our PWN Global Annual Event, hosted by PWN Lyon, takes place. This interactive event will also focus on how the digital era is levelling the playing field. It's free to join, so sign up today and bring along your work colleagues!


The good news is that we see many men who want to play a part in supporting women and gender balanced leadership in the digital era. PWN Gobal will continue to sponsor this debate and we look forward to engaging you in discussion and action!

Want to be part of this exciting journey? If you haven’t done so alread: get in touch; join a local city network; volunteer and help us make a difference – you’ll have a great experience, develop yourself and, very importantly, have a lot of fun!

Enjoy your read and make sure to share the news. 

Sonya Richardson, President, PWN Global



Sonya Richardson
PWN Global



Rob Baker
PWN Global

Q4 2018 newsletter introduction note authored by Rob Baker


PWN Global Annual Event, Hosted by PWN Lyon

PWN Global Annual Event: From Tradition to Innovation – Levelling the Playing Field

November 9 2018
18:30 - 23:00
ESDES – Université Catholique de Lyon

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PWN Global Diversity Lab: Capitalising On The Digital Era To Drive Gender Balance

November 9 2018
09:30 - 12:30
L'Institut Bocuse

Are you interested in learning how the digital era will impact on accelerating gender balanced leadership? You should be….it’s a game-changer!

Come along to the latest in our series of successful...


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Thank you to all our PWN Global Corporate Partners:

Mercer, Amazon, Europcar, Lafarge Holcim, INSEAD and OC&C Strategy Consultants


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