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PWN Global Newsletter Q3 2019

Boards and Awards!

Dear PWN Community,

Congratulations to the USA soccer team for winning the World Championship in Lyon! It is so inspirational to see how this team was able to become world champion for the fourth time and used their status to stand up against inequality and encourage to bridge the gaps that still exist on this planet. Particularly impressed with Megan Rapinoe and her direct, uplifting determination to give a voice to inequality. Ladies, we salute you. 

Why should equality and bridging gaps be on your radar?

Research, testimonials and numbers show that if men and women are equally represented in any domain, the world becomes a better place. We all know this, and we all acknowledge it. Why is it that it seems so difficult to make this happen? The change is slow, and although we might feel we are not making any progress, in the words of Oprah Winfrey,  "a new day is on the horizon" .

PWN will continue to be part of this change, encouraging men and women to take on this challenge and to light the path for the next generations. Our next generation of soccer players shouldn’t be debating about equal pay for their accomplishments, and women shouldn’t be put in a situation where they are evaluated based on gender instead of their results. 















 Let us celebrate the change that is happening all around us by lifting up the people and organisations who are blazing the trail. This is our intention for the PWN Global Gender Balanced Leadership Awards that are taking place on 10th October 2019 in Dublin this year. Join us and let's celebrate what we have accomplished so far. 

As newly elected presidents, we like to say thank you to our outgoing Co-Presidents, Rob Baker and Sonya Richardson and their Board, for all their hard work and for giving us such a solid foundation to build our dreams upon. We are lucky to have you around for a little while longer, so that we can learn from your experience and celebrate the progress we made at the Awards in October.

As we approach holiday season for many of you, we would like to wish everyone one a restful time and an opportunity to take a break with family, friends and loved ones wherever you are.

Enjoy this edition and please remember to forward it to your friends and colleagues who you think will enjoy it too. 

Carina Furlong, Co-President, PWN Global



Carina Furlong
PWN Global

Sheila Gemin, Co-President, PWN Global



Sheila Gemin
PWN Global



PWN Global Gender Balanced Leadership Awards

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PWN Corporate Partner News

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Thank you to all our PWN Global Corporate Partners:

Mercer, Amazon, Europcar, Lafarge Holcim and INSEAD 


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