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PWN Global Newsletter Q4 2020

RIP to the Glorious RGB - Reflect, Relate, Reframe

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Dear PWN friends,


A legend has left us. We have all been reflecting on the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Musing on the imprint she left on our planet and the fundamental role of women in society. Through her leadership and advocacy for human rights, Ginsburg paved the way for so many, and made the world a more equal place.


The ‘Notorious R.B.G.' is a significant role model who I’m sure inspires all of us to carry on her legacy. Let’s relate Ruth’s message to our community: By advancing Gender Balanced Leadership in business and society we continue her work, keep it alive and moving in the right direction.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg"If you want to be a true professional, you will do something outside yourself. Something to repair tears in your community, something to make life a little better for people less fortunate than you. That's what I think a meaningful life is - living not for oneself, but for one's community." Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg 



As we move through the pandemic, we recognize the need to reframe current environments and challenges. Never before has a support community been so important. We are seeing that an increasing number of members across our city networks are now reaching out to our broader communities, to cross industries and geographical boundaries, making personal connections with members of other networks that previously they may not have done. Clearly there is a strong desire for dedicated networking and support in smaller, more intimate groups on shared themes that will help each of us sustain and grow our professional careers. We believe this trend will continue, particularly with the large number of redundancies that are expected to come in the coming months.  

PWN Global is responding to this new environment with the launch of ‘Peer Consulting Circles’, effectively a personal and dedicated network within our larger community. This new global offering will enable members to come together virtually with professional peers, thereby using a proven method that allows collective problem solving of individual challenges. This bespoke support will help to stay ahead in your organisation. Sonya Richardson, former President of PWN Global has developed and collaborated with us on creating this new model. We truly believe this new offering can be of huge benefit to all members and thank Sonya for supporting us in this initiative. If you are interested in understanding the format better, then please read the article below.

I am also pleased to announce the launch of the PWN Global Virtual Summit ‘Working World 2021& Beyond’, which will take place on 11th November 2020. Does that date ring any bells for you? It was the intended date of our 2020 PWN Global Gender Balanced Leadership Awards, but as Covid-19 has conspired against all our well-laid plans, we figured that it made sense to maintain momentum with a great virtual event. The Summit will feature three keynote addresses, and three panel sessions packed with experts from the PWN Global community. If you care about gender balance and the future of work, this is an event you simply must attend. Read more in the article below on how you can get involved. 

And, for our Corporate Partners, we are delighted to launch our next PWN Global Diversity Lab "The New Normal: The Power of a Global Network to enable and support Gender Balance Leadership in 2021 - Good for Women, Good for Men, Good for Business". This is an exclusive forum for business leaders to share, learn and network with each other.

As we look forward to 2021, we have finalised our webinar series ‘Learn, Thrive, Innovate’ and you will see in the article below that we have a plethora of great hosts. We’re delighted to see a collection of both new and returning speakers who continue to support our mission to deliver interesting and through provoking content. 

We have focused and reflected on the last six months to create a range of offerings which are relatable to current challenges and needs. Let’s look forward with enthusiasm, close out 2020 and move forward with the vision and inspiration the RGB legacy has left us.

Enjoy this edition and please remember to forward it to your friends and colleagues who you think will enjoy it too. 

Please stay safe, stay well and stay connected. 

 Best regards!

Carina Furlong, Co-President, PWN Global



Carina Furlong
PWN Global




Sheila Gemin
PWN Global


*The Q4 intro was written by Carina Furlong 

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