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PWN Global Newsletter Q2 2017

Q2 2017

Dear PWN Community,

MANbassadors? Engage men with daughters

We have spent the past years focusing on engaging men more actively in our ambition to achieve gender balanced leadership in business and society. And with success, as we are seeing more and more traction with a multitude of men wanting to become part of PWN Global. The key to our success has been to engage men who have daughters. So, if you are looking to make a change in your workplace, then go for the men with daughters and talk with them about their hopes and dreams for their daughters’ futures. (And talking of parenting - we have a great webinar on 28th April on tackling 'The Guilty Factor' - Join today!)

I was reminded of the article ‘How Women Change Men’, recently re-published by The Atlantic. It states that male CEOs with firstborn daughters actually pay their employees more, giving female employees the biggest raises. The study referenced dates back to 2012 and still provides great insight into what drives the gender pay gap, and also men’s traditional perceptions of women’s roles. 

There is a positive difference if the first born is a girl. Men will also be keener to help out at home if they have daughters. Anecdotally we know that most male CEOs who advocate gender balanced leadership, both in their own organizations as well as publicly, will not only have daughters, but will also have a wife, and quite often a mother, with a successful career. It shows a stark contrast to those men whose wives stay at home. These men tend to disprove of women in the workplace and will not actively support women up the career ladder. 

At PWN Global, we engage men through multiple ways and in many of our City Networks call those committed to gender balance “MANbassadors”. The men who step up and dare to take a stand, both in their work and social environment, are those who will help shift the needle, and we feel proud to have them be part of our network. For more insights on how to engage men, make sure to check out the article ‘Gender Balance Blind? What Do You See In An IKEA Catalogue?’ in this newsletter, as well as ‘Communicating Across the Gender Divide’. They both provide great insight, as well as practical suggestions on what you can do.

As always, there is much more to share about the great successes we are seeing within our networks, and this newsletter only offers a small selection, so do make sure to keep an eye on our website as well as our social media channels. Feel inspired when watching the PWN London's beautiful video series of intimate portraits of professional woman and the struggles they have overcome, and make sure to develop your skills set by taking part in our Virtual Entrepreneurship Program and International Mentoring program

If you have been successful in swaying the men in your organizations – whether you are a woman or a man – then make sure to connect them to EDGE, our strategic partner, to gain data-driven insight into how your organization is performing in their gender equality. After all, what gets measured, gets done. We are incredibly proud to have EDGE as our partner and look forward to jointly continuing our path to balanced leadership. 

Enjoy your read and make sure to share the news. 

Sonya Richardson, President, PWN Global




Sonya Richardson
President, PWN Global

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