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PWN Global Newsletter Q2 2018

Spring - the time of new beginnings


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Hello to all our Newsletter readers,

Spring represents a new beginning for many of us, as we experience more light, warmth and growth and renewed optimism for the months to come. At PWN Global we are thinking how, right now, we are in the Spring of Gender Balance, with a growing sense that many factors are uniquely coming together for us to expect and demand faster progress towards true equality for women and men.

The #MeToo movement has highlighted women’s (and supporting men’s) demands and expectations that the world be free of sexual harassment and exploitation. The focus on the gender pay gap has brought a sense of outrage and pressure for this to be addressed as a high priority by organisations.

There is the growing realisation by organisations that they need to attract, develop and retain a diverse talent pool so they can compete effectively in the fast-changing market place of tomorrow.

We are also starting to see investors putting pressure on companies in which they invest to enhance the gender composition of their boards and executive positions. They are doing this because they believe this helps companies take more effective business decisions and ultimately helps them perform better.

Taking these and other factors together, there is undoubtedly momentum for change and a renewed opportunity for us to accelerate the progress towards gender balance.

However, this change won’t happen if we don’t keep the focus and pressure on those in positions of power and influence. Equally we need to engage these leaders in understanding the rationale for change and outlining the actions they can take to step up the pace.

At PWN Global we are at the forefront of pushing for gender balanced leadership, and we will be accelerating our efforts over the coming months to maintain the progress we have seen and continue to spread the word about why this is so important for us all.

Look out for our local events, webinars and thought leadership pieces on how women offer leadership skills and competencies that organisations need to help lead and manage the workplaces of tomorrow. Make sure you read the piece about Sodexo in this edition of the Newsletter on how gender balance teams lead to greater employee engagement.

We hope you will join us in promoting balanced leadership in your organisation and together we will “move the needle” in a way that we haven’t seen before – this would truly be a new beginning for gender equality!

So, if you haven’t done so already, get in touch with us, join a local city network, volunteer and help us make a difference – you’ll have a great experience, develop yourself and, very importantly, have a lot of fun!

Enjoy your read and make sure to share the news. 

Sonya Richardson, President, PWN Global



Sonya Richardson
PWN Global



Rob Baker
PWN Global

Q2 2018 newsletter introduction note authored by Rob Baker


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