Perfect Timing for the PWN Global Virtual Entrepreneurship Programme

11 June 2020 Language : English

A new programme to support entrepreneurs from all over the globe has been launched by PWN Global in collaboration with EU Business School. The programme offers a truly international entrepreneurship training experience, with 85 participants in the programme who stem from over 29 cities in Europe and beyond. This flexible, part-time programme launched at the start of June and will for run for nine months. Participants range from those who want to nurture the seed of their business idea, right through to those who are seeking to upscale their existing entrepreneurial businesses. The programme comprises modular, online monthly training sessions, with tailored coaching circles and mentoring support to help participants put the learning into action.


Patricia Zeegers, PWN Global’s VP of Entrepreneurship and the programme director said, “Experienced Entrepreneurs and astute business professionals with an idea, who are keen to join the next intake for 2021 should get in touch. PWN Global, has a solid community of entrepreneurs and mentors, always on hand to offer support and guidance, motivation and encouragement. This group of international entrepreneurs, coaches and trainers provide an exceptional learning opportunity. As part of an empowering global network, accelerating gender diversity, I am honoured to build on the work of former VP Entrepreneurship, Betina Mazzarino, in refining and re-launching this exciting programme”. 

PWN Global has an incredible reach across 29 city networks and is the largest English-speaking association for accelerating gender balanced leadership in business and society. With a global community of 60,000 + professionals supported by over 50 corporate partners and 3,500 members, PWN Global is a purpose-driven, not for profit, volunteer led movement with unparalleled global reach; this provides a thriving environment for potential entrepreneurs. 

The network that historically has supported women in their career growth, and more recently is also engaging more men to unite in achieving gender balanced leadership. The coaches and tutors for the programme are men and women, from experienced, diverse backgrounds crossing cultures, industries, and geographical regions. 

PWN Global exists to connect people via our unique global network, inspiring the leaders of today to create exemplary entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

More About PWN Global

PWN Global is a federation of PWN city networks across more than 29 cities worldwide, with over 3500 members representing 90 nationalities. PWN Global exists to advance gender balanced leadership. We believe that better decision making, economic sustainability and a happier society will be realised only by leveraging 100% of the world’s talent. The 'For Purpose’ volunteer association is creating a movement of professional business people and leaders who aspire to accelerate the current pace of change towards gender balanced leadership.  

Members of PWN Global include women and men, corporate partners, collaborative institutions, academic establishments, other networks, forums and supporters of gender balanced leadership. Our COMMUNITY courageously speaks up and proudly puts our values into practice in our own organisations.

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Contact: Emma Olohan,VP of Public Relations, Email: 

Spokesperson for the Virtual Entrepreneurship Programme: Patricia Zeegers, 



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