PWN Global Supports the Launch of Rockwell Automation EMEA Women’s Network

04 April 2017 Language : English

PWN Global was pleased to facilitate the launch of the EMEA Women’s Network for Rockwell Automation earlier this year in Barcelona. Some 60 colleagues, including many men, from all sections and geographies within Rockwell Automation attended the full day event, with a further 200 participating in the opening session by Skype.


Thomas Donato, President EMEA Rockwell Automation, and EMEA HR Director Marie-Pierre Kajzowski sponsored the event and invited PWN Global to add the external perspective and best practice in achieving gender balance.

In his opening speech Thomas set out why Rockwell Automation is launching the EMEA Women’s Network and why he strongly supported it. Wendy Mackey Jones and Rob Baker from PWN Global then gave a keynote session on why gender balance is a business imperative.

To explore the issues in more detail, breakout groups were each asked to consider four key questions:

  • What are the challenges to advancing gender balance in Rockwell Automation?
  • What would an effective gender balanced programme look like in Rockwell Automation?
  • How can we turn Middle Managers into gender balance advocates?
  • How can Rockwell Automation engage individuals to take responsibility in gender balance?

We reviewed the key findings from these groups and arrived at a list of priority actions that Rockwell Automation could implement, in order to ensure its EMEA Women’s Network is successful and engages the many men in the organisation to provide their support.

In closing, we asked each delegate to make a personal commitment to support this effort and were very encouraged with the delegates’ wholehearted engagement.

The Rockwell Automation delegates brought incredible enthusiasm and in-depth business insights to the discussions and left energised and highly motivated to play their part.

Thomas Donato, Rockwell AutomationThomas Donato congratulated the organisers Laurence Vaux-Sire and Monika Schwarz: “My executive team and I can’t appreciate enough how much time you must have invested to make this kick off special. You made gender diversity in EMEA very tangible for all participants. My mission is to support you reaching as many employees as possible and helping to make Rockwell Automation EMEA an attractive place for women to work.”

PWN Global’s role in the success was also acknowledged by Thomas, “Thank you so much for your outstanding support to make this event a great starting point with promising actions”.

We really enjoyed facilitating the event and plan to stay in touch with the Rockwell Automation team to help ensure the progress of this great company towards gender balance.

Authors: Wendy Mackey-Jones and Rob Baker, PWN Global 

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