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It is time to get serious about gender balance. Did you know that gender diverse teams are much more effective? Did you know that you can significantly improve the performance of your teams and organisation? Did you know that you can retain key talent by investing in gender balance? Do you know how to advance gender balance?

We do!

PWN Global can support you strengthening your internal processes to make a difference.

We offer you comprehensive local city network programmes, online learning and development services, a platform to share and learn with other organsiations from different industries and countries. We can also help you to raise your visibility as a Organisation who wants to shift the gender balance dial. It’s time now to get serious and we can help you, for more information on how we can work together CONTACT US.

Our partners share our vision to make the world a better and fairer place. Do you want to join us? CONTACT US TODAY.

Our partners are as diverse as our member base! From different industries, geographical locations, and at different points in their balanced leadership journeys.

Make a Difference with PWN Global

Working together strengthens the opportunities to advance gender balance. PWN Global have a wealth of knowledge, experience and know-how to support you in making a difference. We can help YOU to:

  • set up an internal gender balanced network
  • complement the initiatives you have in place with our comprehensive services
  • be a knowledge partner offering you a platform to share with other organisations
  • access credible female and male role models who are already on their gender balance journey
  • gain global visibility in a global market place
  • have the opportunity to collaborate on creating balanced leadership programs that create sustainable positive change.

We can positively impact your organisation. Your role is to have a real desire to improve gender balance to engage at all levels of your organisation. We want you to achieve a real return on your investment - and we're honest and bold enough to say that's not going to happen if you are just here to check one of the many "HR Initiative" boxes.

Take a look below at some of the enlightened organisations who have already joined us.

Get in touch to FIND OUT MORE on how you can support your staff, your organisation, and your bottom line.

Partner Offers

INSEAD Executive MBA Scholarship

INSEAD Business SchoolIf you are thinking to apply for an Executive MBA, as a PWN member, you can apply to the INSEAD GEMBA Professional Women’s Network (PWN) Global Fellowship. 

INSEAD offers both merit and need-based EMBA scholarships to offset tuition fees for GEMBA candidates whose profiles will help further the programme's objectives as a vehicle for promoting international leadership and business practice. One important mission of the INSEAD GEMBA is to increase the flow of women business executives into key educational gateways and business networks. This is achieved with monetary and mentoring support. The INSEAD GEMBA seeks motivated women in businesses who demonstrate significant achievements in their professional lives. PWN Global Fellowship applicants should exhibit exemplary leadership in one or more ways: through academic achievements, team leadership, community involvement or capacity for creativity. The fellowship will cover a portion of the tuition costs and will be awarded based on merit. All INSEAD EMBA applicants (male or female) are eligible to apply for the INSEAD PWN Global Fellowship. They must have a valid and fully paid PWN Association membership for at least three months at the time of application, regardless of the chapter. Participants need to be self-funded or partially sponsored to a maximum of 50%. 

Check details of INSEAD GEMBA PWN Global Fellowship here.


IE university Scholarships

IE Business SchoolIE University is dedicated to the advancement of women and girls through education and leadership development in order to provide the opportunity for them to be decision makers and social change leaders in all areas of society, as well as building more inclusive organisations. For this reason, IE has partnered with PWN Global to offer members of the global network a series of scholarships to ease financial accessibility to a range of MBA programs, specialised Masters programs and Executive Education programs. You can benefit from 15-40% of your total tuition fees being covered by this scholarship program. 

For full details on the program content, admissions processes, and scholarships available, click here. 


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