Create Your Own Lead Generation Machine

Get your own lead  generating machine so you can get  as many clients as you want from your website. Your website can do lots things but what is the one purpose it SHOULD serve? It should  be generating leads for your business every single day! So how can you create a site that  generates leads? You just need remember this one thing. 


People will take action when they feel  they've found what they’re looking for

Claire GallagherSounds totally obvious, doesn’t it? Well it is but then everything is when you’re aware of it. Problem is most people get websites because they know they need one, they don’t think so much about what they need it to do for them. And believe me, it can do a lot!  

When I’m not looking after my two babies, I’m helping service-based business owners transform their ineffective websites into lead-generating machines! Yes. Machines. Your website should work like a machine and if it doesn’t - you really need to read on.  

One of the biggest problems I see with business owners is that they have websites that are simply not working for them. They’re not generating any leads… no leads, means no clients and therefore no money coming into the business!  

At the same time they invest lots of time and money into a website that continuously fails to make them any money! They feel overwhelmed and stuck by this technical tool that could be doing so much more but they just have no idea where to start or what to do and it’s already eating up way too much time for little or no return. Sound familiar?  

There are thousands of decisions to be made when creating or improving your website and yes, it can be stressful but because people will take action when they feel they've found what they’re looking for. When you approach your website from this angle - all your decisions become easy and obvious and the result is a site that makes you money! 

When your website is working for you it’ll effectively and repeatedly bring clients to your doorstep! Who doesn’t want that? 

How can you help them feel like they’ve  found what they’re looking for? 

Understand what they’re looking for! 

Claire GallagherYou could call this market research but it does not require technical tools or complicated data analytics. Simply talk to 5 (or more) of your ​best past clients​. Get a better understanding of what they were struggling with when they reached out to you. What specific words do they use to talk about this? What else had they tried before working with you? Take lots of notes and notice common points. 

Create a statement that tells them that you have what they’re looking for. 

Claire GallagherBased on the conversations with your best past clients, craft a powerful statement that speaks to their problem or desire. Use their words. Be clear. Be SO clear that within seconds of reading this statement a visitor to your site will know what you do and what specific problem​ you solve for your clients. 

You have 3 seconds. If they don’t understand what you do in 3 seconds, they're gone. They’ll have no reason to stick around or come back. 

If it is clear what you do, they take action and buy from you, or contact you. They’ll also remember you AND what you do because it is crystal clear. Even the likelihood of getting referrals is way higher. 

How can your site help them to take action? 

Claire GallagherTell them what ONE action you want them to take and make it easy and obvious. 

  • If you want people to contact you. ​Make that easy and obvious to do.
  • If you want people to book a session with you. Make that easy and obvious to do.
  • If you want people to join your mailing list. Make that easy and obvious to do. 

But chose one. Just one. ​Remove all distractions. ​And please make sure that those important buttons work and that the emails reach you. Test your contact form. Test your sign up form. Test your booking link. 



Author: Claire Gallagher

Claire GallagherClaire is an Irish mama of 2 living in Montpellier, France. She created her business Claire Creative to help business owners and entrepreneurs transform their websites into lead-generating machines. Get all the clients you want in your business and end online confusion forever! If you need help in this area: Talk to Claire (free session).

Claire is an active supporter of PWN Global. 





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