Welcome to the New PWN Global Board

This quarter has felt somewhat like the end of an era as our entire ExCo transition out of their PWN Global Board roles, to make way for our next cohort of leaders. 

Despite being volunteer positions, the process to get one of our coveted Board roles is as rigorous as any corporate interview process and we're delighted with the results and the composition of our new Board.


PWN Global Federation Board


Please take a moment to check out their profiles on our website and contact them with your questions, or even, just to welcome them to their new roles via LinkedIN.

Being a member of a volunteer board takes courage, determination, pragmatism, creativity and a healthy dose of resilience - which all of these professionals have buckets of! 

Welcome to new Board members:
Carina Furlong, Co President, (from PWN Dublin)
Susannah Haan, Secretary General (from PWI Brussels)
Marie-Catherine Boinay, Treasurer (from PWN Paris)
Chloé Figg, Co-VP Corporate Partners (from PWN Paris)
Georgeta Dendrino, VP Mentoring (from PWN Romania)
Virginie Martins de Nobrega, VP Network Strategy (from PWI Brussels)
Patricia Zeegers, VP Entrepreneurship (from PWN Barcelona)

And thank you to existing Board members continuing in their respective roles:
Sheila Gemin, newly appointed Co-President (from PWN Amsterdam)
Gunilla Bjorner, Co-VP Corporate Partners (from PWN Paris)
Bente Fjeldberg, VP New Networks (from PWN Norway)
Emma Olohan, VP Public Relations (from PWN Dublin)
Grazia Santagati, VP Technology (from PWN Nice)
Funda Sezgin, VP Engaging Men (from PWN Istanbul)

Our new Board will be in attendance at the PWN Global Gender Balanced Leadership Awards in Dublin on 10th October 2019 and we hope to have the presence of some of our outgoing leaders too. The Awards will be a great opportunity for anyone interested in PWN to meet with our volunteers and find out what it means to be a member, a volunteer and a part of our ever growing community. 


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