Useful Lockdown Resources

For the past four weeks, I have been innundated with helpful lists, articles, websites and such, that promise to help get us through the confinement period - safe and sound!

Rather than write an article on the merits of each, I thought a list may be easier.

In these difficult times people's perspectives change - what is important to one person is often not important to another - so, if you have a time out, check out this list of interesting links:

Don't forget that there is also a plethora of non-business/liesure activities out there, just waiting for you to discover them! Whether it's 30-Day Yoga Challenges, Beginners Origami, Decorating Tips, Baking Creations - there is plenty to stop your boredom taking hold!

Embrace this new 'normal' for a while and see where it takes you!

We'd love to publish an uplifting montage in the Q3 newsletter, of all of the new things that you learn in the next three months. Whether you learn a new skill, something about yourself or event some hidden talent uncovered by a family member that you are in confinement with, we'd love to hear about it!!! Send us text and pictures to share with the community!


Author: Rebecca Fountain, Head of Marketing and Communications, PWN Global
Date: April 2020




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