PWN Global Peer Circles: A Resounding Success

At the end of 2020, we launched a pilot for our PWN Global Peer Consulting Circles - our launch tagline, 'Never waste a good crisis: boost your career!'

We shared with you that the careers of great professional women are suffering as a result of Covid19. We recognised that this is not the time to sit back and be selfless in helping your organisation survive and your household and family stay on track. We undestand that this is the time to act strategically and help your career thrive. Never waste a good crisis.

Sonya Richardson, Spark for ChangePWN Global, in collaboration with consulting firm Spark for Growth ran four pilot sessions for the Peer Consulting Circles - that helped participants make sure that their commitment, loyalty and ambition not only supports business recovery, but also boosts their respective careers. Separate pilot sessions covered the topics of Innovative Leadership and Career Accelerators, promising that Peer Consulting Circles provide a tangible career growth accelerator.

In these small group sessions we helped participants discuss their professional challenges. The process was professionally facilitated with unbiased clarifying questions, enabling each participant to leverage the collective wisdom of their group and uncover their path forward. These intimate networks of supporters were able to fuel participants' confidence to act and be focused. The perspective of peers with similar issues and experiences – “what would I do if I was in your shoes” – is a multiplier that helps you boost your career. 

The feedback we have had from our sessions has been tremendous - check out some of the quotes below:

"PWN’s peer group consulting circles remind me on one of my favourite quotes from network data scientist Valdis Kreb: 'Connect on your Similarities, and Benefit from your Differences!'"

"I thought that the peer consulting circle was a simple yet very powerful way to share an issue and obtain both profound and concrete feedback on a specific situation."

"I think the value it has is that it's short and very effective. Because it taps quickly in to the broad professional experiences of the participants."

"In its simplest form, peer coaching has engaged us in an observation-feedback cycle to learn with and from one another! This accelerated our learning in important skills, such as: empathy, active listening, effective feedback, timely communication and the ability to teach and mentor."  

"This peer group had no prior knowledge of each other, which lead to open listening and constructive input without judgement. There was an absolute willingness and need to help each other."

We believe that Peer Consulting Circles offer a valuable addtion to our suite of PWN Global services, and we are currently working hard to scale up this offer so that all of the PWN community can tap into this fantastic resource. Ultimately, these sessions will support you in boosting and accelerating the pace of change in your career, at a moment in history when we need as much help as we can garner.

Let's work together to tap into the power of our collective knowledge and help each other truly shine. 

We will be adding the next set of dates to our event calendar, soon. If you would like to better understand the process,  please do get in touch to find out more. 


Date: January 2021
Author: Rebecca Fountain, Head of Marketing and Communications, PWN Global

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