PWN Sao Paulo: 2020 Wrap Up

PWN São Paulo is the only city network in the Americas. In addition, we are geographically far from our sisters in Europe - yet, we share a common mission and we continue to advance gender balanced leadership on the other side of the ocean!


As for many, this was a challenging year. The pandemic meant that our cherished networking events, the playground for our Board and members to meet and exchange, came to a halt. On the plus side, this push into a more virtual operation has given us the opportunity to establish new connections and build wider impact for our mission.

We have kept our Facebook and LinkedIn accounts active, presenting new communication posts and messages. We have been trying to be more inspiring by promoting role models that give us real life references of women who are doing great things in the leadership space. In addition to these inspirational post we have been sharing cultural tips on books, movies, series and exhibitions about women.

We got to better understand out social landscape and realised that many of our members are on Instagram, prompting us to launch the PWN São Paulo chanel - please do take a moment to follow us. So far, we have encouraged 148 followers with a good level of engagement. And, because our events needed to be digital, we have made online events on both Instagram and YouTube, where we created a channel for PWN São Paulo, with 86 subscribers.

Our first streaming on YouTube was very successful and well-attended, as we talked about remote leadership. We hosted three very inspiring Brazilian women who are brilliant executives in their companies, and one of them appeared this year as the richest women in Brazil, according to the Fortune ranking list, as she is the president of the Administrative Council of one of the largest retail company in the country.

The webinar attracted a huge 500 participants, which positively suprised us all! Subsequently, it has recieved more than 600 views, so we encourage you to take a moment to watch - you won't be disappointed. 

We're proud to say that during this unusual period, we managed to retain our rhythm of monthly events, by responsively flipping to a digital delivery format, which enabled so many more people from outside of São Paulo to join us. Using the digital delivery really us helping us to magnify our impact. 

Our mentoring program continued its successes: we had 11 mentors for 11 mentees, and they have been meeting every month with a specialist – most of the time, a mentor from the program – to talk about their career, development and other subjects that they suggest.

So, are you inspired to make the difference and contribute to a more gender balanced leadership? I hope you can join us and let’s be stronger together!

  • By following our social media channels
  • By being a member
  • By being a volunteer

Have a great and more gender balanced 2021!




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