Share Your Sexism Story

Have you experienced sexism? Do you have a brief personal story you would like to share? Dr. Lynn Schmidt, author, and a frequent presenter in the PWN Global webinar series, is collecting personal short stories from women and men around the world to include in her new book to help women, girls, and men manage stereotypes and discrimination against women. 

Your brief story (150 words) can focus on a broad range of topics including pay inequity, work/life balance, communication style, career advancement, appearance, sexual harassment, and many more. You choose the story you share. Below is an example of how a story can effectively be told in under 150 words. Click on the survey link below to see additional topics, share your story anonymously, and help women and men challenge sexism. Thank you for your support! 

Submit your story here.  If you know others that have a story to tell, please share the survey with them. 

Here is an example of a short story I have received already: I was hired as a director for marketing, managing a team of five senior managers. During the salary negotiation, I was told, “One of your direct reports, a man, makes more than you. There are reasons for it. It isn’t negotiable.” I felt pressured to accept the job, and I did.

Six months later, when I had a new boss, I discussed this inequity with him and he secured a €10,000 raise for me. I’m still mad at myself for not negotiating upfront. While I appreciate the support that resulted in equity, I now make sure to negotiate every salary. 


Author: Dr Lynn Schmidt
Date: April 2021

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