PWN Romania: Launch of 7th edition Toolkit for Agile Women Entrepreneurs

The world has changed dramatically in this last year, at all levels of activity. The pandemic has brought not just restrictions and new regulations, but also fear, anxiety and uncertainty, that are present both at personal level, as well as in the business environment.

PWN Romania's Entrepreneur's ToolkitIn these troubled times, businesses, especially those owned by women, feel the full measure of this uncertainty. And the most frequent reaction is to put everything on hold, to wait for the bad times to pass and for the world to "come back to normal". However, we must be fully aware that, after this volatile period passes, those who have trained seriously during this time will be the only ones capable to perform.

The ones who, with passion, tenacity, and perseverance, have trained their leadership, financial and managerial abilities, who have studied the laws and market regulations, adjusted their business habits and behaviours, were actively present in a business environment saturated by changes and overregulation. 

Having said that, Professional Women’s Network Romania understood the need for entrepreneurial education programs adapted to the specific needs of women entrepreneurs in this post-pandemic period. Thus, we have readjusted our “Toolkit for Women Entrepreneurs at the beginning of their Business”.

This longstanding program from PWN Romania has reached its 7th edition, and transformed it into the “Toolkit for Agile Women Entrepreneurs”. These subtle changes have been incorporated to address the challenges and the need for innovation that dominates this period. From business strategy and planning to useful online tools that improve performance and sales, or legal and financial practices that would help you better navigate these troubled waters, the Toolkit provides assistance to women entrepreneurs who want to get a competitive start.

Furthermore, the Toolkit for Agile Women Entrepreneurs is not just a series of classes, but a tool that enables the participants to become part of a network of successful women entrepreneurs and business leaders, who are willing to share their experience, good practices and to offer advice and solutions.

The official launch of the Toolkit took place on 24 March, 2021 with an interesting course in Business Strategy and will continue with a webinar each week until June. In addition to the traditional curriculum, we have planned a series of general webinars, aiming to provide a broader context, more inside information from the business environment about the real effects of the pandemic and about the foreseeable features of the post-pandemic world.

The Toolkit is an entrepreneurial education program, organized by our Entrepreneurship Pillar, designed initially to support and guide women into starting their own business.

The first edition took place in 2015 and since then, the program has evolved constantly, both in structure, as well as in curriculum, getting from eight modules, in the pilot edition, to 13 modules today, with an additional 6 general webinars.

The previous six editions have gathered a community of over 100 participants, most of whom have launched into their entrepreneurial journey with success, and more than 30 speakers who volunteered over 120 hours of work. Today, the Toolkit addresses a broader spectrum of women entrepreneurs, not just beginners, but also more experienced business owners who are struggling to adapt to the current crisis, who want to rethink their strategies, or to find new and innovative ways to transform or scale their business.

PWN Romania has a lot of faith in the Toolkit’s necessity and usefulness and our determination has been strengthened by the remarkable feed-back we received from our participants throughout the program’s existence. We do no doubt the impact it has among women entrepreneurs. We are also confident to have developed a tool that is beneficial and empowering for women entrepreneurs in a period of increased anxiety and confusion.



Author: Alina Cocuti, PWN Romania
Date: April 2021 

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