Challenges Faced by Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide and How PWN Global Helps

PWN Global Entrepreneurship pillar is here to provide a safe, empowering network for all entrepreneurs.

Today, the world has many successful female entrepreneurs who have founded some of the world's most successful companies and brands. Their families, investors, and society as a whole have made a conscious effort to break down gender barriers so that women entrepreneurs can shine in the corporate world. However, if women in business do not see other women in positions of power, they may find it difficult to imagine themselves there. 

The world needs more women entrepreneurs, and the PWN Global Entrepreneurship Committee wants to encourage everyone to pursue and realize their business ideas for professional purposes. 

For this reason, we have launched another Virtual Entrepreneurship Program (VEP2021). This year, we have Caroline Friesenberg join our facilitators' team with a bonus added; read further to know more.

Also, In this quarterly newsletter, you will get to meet some of our volunteers, why they joined and the open position we have available, and our new projects In collaboration with EU Business School.

You can read more about the PWN Global Entrepreneurship program  by clicking this link: PWN_Q3_VEP_Newsletter


Date: July 2021 

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