PWN Copenhagen: Enriched Social Networking

Early this month, In Copenhagen, we hosted our first live event in many months! A Social Networking event, enriched by a broad community of internationally-minded women.

We were uplifted by the lovely quotes we received from various participants, including:

  • "I feel a wonderful energy, which I didn't find in other organisations. Good work ladies."
  • "Lovely evening tonight. Nice place, nice food and very nice people"
  • It was amazing, so many great women and so many inspiring conversations - I feel like I really needed that after all this time in corona isolation." 

Four times a year we host a community social networking event where Premium and Community members, as well as the general public, are invited to join for free.

PWN Copenhagen, Social Networking Event, June 2021This is always a great way for us to connect to the broader community and to let people know more about our network and our upcoming activities. 

We know that people come and go within the PWN Community as they prioritize our events and focus areas. In order to keep a dynamic flow of ideas we make sure that we offer something for everyone.

Throughout the year we have a few Premium Member-only activities including our Women Entrepreneurs Group, our Mentoring Program, and our Book Club. We also host other events for our members, where the general community can also join us for an event registration fee (if they're planning to attend more than two events a year, annual membership for free access to all events is a more cost effective way of joining us).

Nevertheless, we see great value in our very loosely structured, free, networking events that help the international community of women learn more about us and connect with other like-minded and inspiring women. 

In February of this year, Diana Medrea-Mogensen joined our team as VP of Mentoring. This was her first time participating as a team member in our social networking events, she wrote,

"I want to share some of my takeaways from yesterday's awesome conversations that I had:

There is a genuine desire to help each other and contribute. If you are feeling alone in your path, open up, the world will embrace you.

Together we are stronger. We feed on each other's energy and we need that boost to keep on going.

Your offer, product, knowledge, can solve someone's problem. Share it.

It all comes down to reaching out. We were lonely and isolated for so long, we may have forgotten that we are not alone."

Serving the International Community of Professional Women in Copenhagen

In Copenhagen, there are more than 10,000 internationals recruited for work. Many of these people feel isolated, without support to navigate the general challenges presented by work and life in a non-native country, and they often lack of a satisfying social life (until they find us!!).

At PWN Copenhagen we believe that we provide additional value by helping people to connect in this community over content events, and also specifically catering to a few of the unique needs of this community.

We cannot solve all our members' challenges, but we are a network with deep experience in many areas that are specific challenges for the international community. Some of these topics include finding work, immigration concerns, and legal rights. We are always a friendly face to our members if they bring us any of their challenges and we try to connect them with resources that can help. 

Our participants are always diverse - this month we welcomed life-long residents, Danes returning from abroad, current bachelors students, accompanying spouses, love-immigrants, and visiting travelers,. Together we are able to share our stories, share our expertise, and build meaningful connections. The long-term members in our community are a familiar core who enjoys each other's company, and those new to our community find immediate value in sharing experiences. 

In our social networking events, when we meet together: we feel the energy of the city; we experience more support for our own life paths; we gain more awareness of opportunities available to us; and once in a while, we even form life-long friendships.  

Author: PWN Copenhagen Board & Executive Team
Date: June 2021

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