Welcome to PWN Global's Newly Elected Co-Presidents

Change and transitions are characteristic of life. as we make the transition from the 2019-2021 PWN Global Board to the 2021-2023 Board, we are demonstrating that our Federation is alive and full of motivated volunteers!

As we wave goodbye to our 2019-2021 PWN Global Board, we reflect on the fact that they have navigated us through one of the most turbulent times in PWN Global's history - and for that, we are extremely grateful. 

We are also delighted to announce our newly-elected Co-Presidents, Nadine Castellani-Floderer and Virginia Otel. We are excited to see what they bring to PWN Global as we slowly start the recovery process from the global Pandemic that began in 2019. 

Want to know more about them? Read on....

Nadine Castellani-Floderer, Co-President, PWN Global

Nadine Castellani-Floderer, Co-President, PWN Global My motivation for applying for this role is following in the footsteps of the incredible volunteers that have made PWN Global a credible brand and known thought leader in the space of gender-balance. Our family of city networks around the world upholds our founding members’ thoughts, that together, we are stronger and can create more impact. PWN Global is key to ensuring that our City Networks are able share ideas and implement great programs, offering a global and local perspective to their members.

For several years I have been involved with PWN Lyon and am currently the President of the Lyon network. I believe that my grass-roots knowledge will help me understand the needs of the city networks and members that we serve, at a global level. 

I bring a unique skill set to this role. As an experienced communication professional for telecoms giant, Orange, I have an acutely developed sense of stakeholder and strategic partner management coupled with an ability to deliver sound managerial strategy to unite all employees. I am a ‘design-thinker’ and used to working in fast-paced, agile environments which will be vital in helping PWN Global move quickly to a sustainable business model, bringing everyone along with and required transition. 

On a personal level, my core values include kindness and courage. 

Kindness, because it is the basis of listening, empathy, and allows everyone to give the best of themselves. I know that this approach engenders trust and commitment which are vital qualities in volunteers. 

Courage, because it allows us to move forward, to go further, ready to overcome and barriers and challenges. I believe I have the courage of my convictions and my actions, even if it means going beyond myself. For that reason, I am looking forward to serving PWN Global during my mandate. 

If you have and ideas or suggestions that you would like to share with me, please connect via LinkedIN

Virginia Otel

You may remember Martin Luther King Jr’s famous speech during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, back in 1963 (coincidently the year when I was born): “I HAVE A DREAM”?

Working in collaboration with Nadine and the new Board, OUR DREAM is to see PWN Global become a leading voice at the international level, both at the level of the European Union and the United Nations in terms of a leading English-speaking, diverse global women’s network, engaged with men, with the goal of accelerating gender-balanced leadership in businesses, across industries and sectors, and in society. 

During the last 25 years, I have been serving as a volunteer Board member in many different NGOs. I joined PWN Romania as a founding member in November 2011, becoming VP Women on Boards in 2014. Since 2016 I have served as PWN Romania’s President. I remain committed to my local city network, while I step up to bring my knowledge and skills to this exciting global role. I am confident that together with our talented and dedicated Board colleagues, we will create a more engaged community by continuing to create cross-City Network programs and events. We are stronger together!

In terms of what I bring to the role, I am a lifelong learner and thanks to my various graduate, Masters, and post-graduate qualifications, I have developed a wide range of academic knowledge in a multicultural environment. In addition, I have been fortunate enough to have a comprehensive career in various private financial institutions, giving me exposure to different multinational corporate cultures. Through this and my love of travel, I have developed the ability to adapt without difficulty to different people and cultural behaviours. This is an invaluable skill when leading a global Board of volunteers and acting as a spokesperson (whether to the media, or in global institutions) for PWN, on a global stage. 

From a personal perspective, I have learned many qualities from my family. 

  • To be tolerant, inspired by my maternal grandfather.
  • To be solution-oriented, from watching by my maternal grandmother, an action-person, dealing with a lot of household responsibilities, approaching everything with a ‘we’ll find a way’ attitude.
  • To be respectful of all people, irrespective of their status, age, gender, culture, education, was something I learned from my mother.
  • To work hard, study, and be dedicated to whatever you do leads to success, is what I remember from my father’s counsel.

In addition to all of this sound advice, I have learned on my own that I need to be courageous and take opportunities, even when they appear challenging. In my PWN role, I will work hard to succeed by collaborating and sharing with my teammates. 

I value integrity, transparency, and ethics and I have a sense of fairness in treating people. I like to work with and be surrounded by people, and I feel that I can inspire them. I am an accountable and committed person. I am action, results oriented and I have an intrapreneurial approach. I too, am ready to serve PWN. 

Want to get in touch? Connect with me on LinkedIN


Date: July 2021
Authors: Nadine Castellani-Floderer and Virginia Otel, Co-Presidents, PWN Global
Copy Editor: Rebecca Fountain, Marketing Consultant, PWN Global

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