PWN Romania: Celebrates success of their Mentoring Program

This month, PWN Romania closes the 7th edition of the Mentoring Program, celebrating the wonderful journey of mentors and mentees and organizes a Garden Party to enhance community spirit.

PWN Romania Mentoring Celebration 2021Our greatest challenge as an effervescent community of professional women has been to settle for the rigors of online meetings instead of the big hugs and the great vibes of our frequent face-to-face gatherings.

The restrictions have created a particularly difficult challenge for the Mentoring Program, that had to adjust to an exclusive online setting, while still creating valuable bonds between participants and generating real involvement from the mentor-mentee pairs.

We are proud to say that they succeeded beyond measure!

The 2020-2021 edition of the Mentoring Program was truly special, charged with emotions and achievements.

We succeeded, not despite, but as a result of the online format - being able to broaden the program outside our usual country borders. We brought together 62 mentor-mentee pairs from various industries, who joined our already diverse community of over 350 mentors and more than 450 mentees. We managed to keep the same unity in action and desire to drive forward - to be involved, and to evolve.

The PWN Romania Mentoring Program prides itself with a privileged position on the Romanian business landscape, a position won over time through perseverance and dedication. This is the only Romanian program that offers inter-company mentoring opportunities, thus becoming a great complementary program to the mentoring efforts developed internally by each company.

PWN Romania has achieved good visibility, an impeccable reputation, and an over 75% success rate of achieving the mentoring goals set up at the beginning of each edition. The Mentoring Program’s success is based on close to 2,000 hours of volunteer work for each edition and the strong commitment of everyone involved.

Therefore, our first offline event of this year took place on 29th June and was designed to celebrate both the Mentoring Program, and the PWN community spirit, all under the umbrella  title of "Journey to my better self", in which we shared our stories of our journey through this challenging and troubled period (from a mentoring perspective, but also from a personal development point of view). 

It has been a tough year for all of us and we are grateful to finally see each other face-to-face and to recharge from the amazing energy of the PWN Romania community. To this end, we took advantage of the official closing event for the Mentoring Program to organize a Garden Party for all members of our community, in honour of this edition’s mentoring journeys, but also in gratitude of the strength, unity and support that has guided us throughout. 



Author: Alina Cocuti, PWN Romania
Editor: Rebecca Fountain, MArketing Consultant, PWN Global
Date: July 2021

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