PWI Brussels: Are you getting ready to sparkle in 2022? 

"While 2021 continued to be a difficult and challenging year, it was also the year that allowed us to express our creativity in different ways. As we get ready for the life we want in 2022, both personally and professionally, I believe the key will be to stay very intentional with our beginnings and endings"  writes Anaida Dibra, President of PWI Brussels, part of the PWN city network commutity.

IWD 2022 PWN Brussels

PWI Brussels offers a safe, supportive and empowering community that makes it possible for you to move your ideas from dreams to tangible possibilities.

Are you seeking inspiration? Connections? Consider join PWI Brussels in celebrating International Women’s Day 2022.

International Women’s Day is an important day for women all around the world. This day is a great occasion to learn from, network with and celebrate authentic and successful women, and men, who are actively engaged in accelerating a more gender balanced world.

At PWI we embrace this occasion to organize our special International Women’s Day Gala. This is one of the highlights of the year and we are especially delighted to be able to welcome you in the exclusive venue – the Caryatids Ballroom at the Cercle Gaulois.

Please SAVE THE DATE in your agenda and join us on 5th March 2022. We will be announcing our high-level speakers and full agenda shortly. Join us, on the topic of 'Overcoming Bias for a more Connected World’ in combination with a delicious dinner and some delightful music. This will be a unique experience.

We are looking forward to seeing you there for a night of celebrations and connecting further for more meaningful exchanges! Click here to register.


Date: January 2022
Author: Anaida Dibra, President, PWI Brussels
Copy Editor: Rebecca Fountain, Marketing Consultant, PWN Global

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