Welcome onboard to our 'No Limits' volunteer, Teti!

Teti Gómez was born in the smallest country in Latin America, El Salvador. She is the third of four siblings, and from a very young age had extraordinary dreams of flying high.

In 2020, she published her book 'No Limits! The Salvadoran Girl Who Became a Pilot and Aerospace Engineer,' in which she compiles memories of her childhood, like any Salvadoran girl, growing up in a country shaken by earthquakes and a civil war. The memoir highlight her parents' vision and family values. She reflects on how her parents taught her not to limit herself by the place where she was born, nor by the lack of financial resources. 

Teti Gomez, No LimitsTeti has always believed that there are opportunities for everyone, and that led her to write her story: No Limits!

She firmly believes that encouragement and self-confidence start from childhood, with the parents role and support. Her parents taught her to see life with optimism and infinite possibilities.

At 17 she began her aviation training, and at 20 she became a commercial pilot and flight instructor. Her trajectory includes overcoming social and cultural challenges that she faced as the only woman in a male industry. But Teti had higher goals and dreams.

Her dedication and effort helped her win a Scholarship for Academic Excellence to study aerospace engineering in The United States. She moved to Arizona and studied at the prestigious University of Arizona.

As part of her university research, Teti led NASA sponsored projects and graduated as an Aerospace Engineer.

In her professional career, she has worked in aircraft design, has been a test and performance flight engineer. Teti has given presentations in countries such as England, Scotland, Germany, Norway, Holland, Spain, Malaysia, Canada and the United States.

Her inspiring history and professional development have been the basis for advising and mentoring first-world professionals. Teti represents leading women globally and continually highlights the importance of gender balance and opportunities for women.

Teti offers motivational conferences, inspirational talks, mentoring and webinars around the world; on special occasions, accompanied by her parents.

PWN Global is delighted to have Teti join our volunteer team of social media experts to support us in growing the visibility of our network and our mission to advance gender balanced leadership. 


If Teti's story has inspired you, maybe you too would like to join PWN Global as a volunteer to work with Teti and all of our other brilliant volunteers. Check out the latest roles that we have available. Volunteering is a rewarding activity that can help you hone your professional skills while working with amazing people in a safe, learning environment. 


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