PWN Bilbao: 31 BIEMH-International Machine-Tool Biennial Exhibition and Conference

PWN Bilbao has teamed up with the Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BIC), host of the biggest international machine-tool and advanced manufacturing fair, BIEMH 2022. This year, the BIEMH event is scheduled to take place on 13-17 June 2022 in Bilbao, and PWN Bilbao is hosting a series of gender-balanced focused conferences to a packed audience - the event typically attracts over 40,000 visitors and 900 international exhibitors.

BIEMH BilbaoAlmost 30 speakers will be participating in PWN Bilbao program, at different discussions and round table sessions. 

Their aim is to capture attention, generate awareness, and promote the PWN brand with a view to attracting new partners and members to the PWN family of associations.

This is a great opportunity for PNW to add gender perspective to all their Fairs hosted by BIC and the BIEMH 2022 is the pilot exercise to get proof of concept.

PWN Bilbao have identified the following topics that will be used in the various sessions they run:

  • Creativity, Innovation and Gender
  • Technology Challenges and Gender Bias
  • Preparing Young Women to Step Into Leadership
  • Senior Talent
  • Talking To Women In Industry
  • Teaming Up For Gender Balanced Leadership - The Role of Men


Find out more about the event here, or contact the team at PWN Bilbao


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