PWN Romania: Overview of ongoing projects

PWN Romania, is delighted to have started another year with lots of ambition and great plans for success! We are determined to keep improving our already established programs in addition to creating new and meaningful events for our community. We know that there is  amazing energy generated at our in-person meetings, however, given the continuing pandemic, we have launched our traditional programs in 2022 in the online format. 

PWN Romania EventsThe third edition of the Women on Boards Academy, which began in October last year, continues in 2022 with interesting speakers and relevant subjects for the board-oriented community. We launched the 2022 program under the banner of "Competencies for Effective Boards". This training program for women, who target board positions, has quickly become PWN Romania's flagship program, gathering impressive speakers and attracting large audiences, and very good feedback from the participants.

We are hopeful that we may be able to host the closing ceremony as an in-person event.  We all have out fingers crossed!

The Toolkit for Women Entrepreneurs opened its 8th edition, also in an online format, in March. The latest Toolkit has been restructured into seven webinars, on subjects that were voted on and agreed, driven by data collected by our entrepreneurship community. Each webinar focuses on answering one relevant question, from the impact of personal branding in business, to why companies fail. This program also features a range of insightful speakers who inspire us by sharing their experience and their stories, and who support our participants to analyse real situations, in order to find the pragmatic and workable solutions.

As the pandemic has pushed us to find new ways of connecting our community, we succeeded in creating online programs that will remain, even after the restrictions will be dissolved. One such initiative is the PWN Live Talks, an online talk show on pertinent issues related to leadership, women on boards, entrepreneurship, mentoring and gender balance.

The second season of PWN Live Talks begun in January, with a remarkable line-up of guests, from the national and international arena. This program has already received a lot of positive feedback become a growing platform that brings to light new topics and perspectives, that promote important achievements from our community members, and that inspires and educates the extended PWN Romania audience.

The pandemic has forced us to postpone a lot of our projects, including the celebration of our 10-year anniversary, last October. Therefore, we started this year with a strong desire to catch up and, as restrictions are lifted, to use every opportunity to reconnect with our community face-to-face. The first such occasion is the launch of the second study conducted in partnership with Deloitte, Romania on Women’s representation in boardrooms across listed companies, which will take place on 13 April 2022, in an event meant to showcase the evolution of women’s representation in leadership positions and the leadership models women embody today. This updated study is essential to understand the evolution of women in power positions and to substantiate further legislative corrections that could even the scales, at least at board level.

Despite the uncertainty created by the pandemic, and the grim prospect of a world war, we are hopeful that we will accomplish great things this year; that our community will grow and will remain united; and, that we will be able to achieve all our goals.

We are getting ready for Board elections this April, and with a new, freshly-elected Board, we are confident that we will put our best foot forward in the new post-pandemic world.

 If you are interested in getting involved with PWN Romania, please contact us.


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