Personal Boardroom Toolkit

Last week, co-founders Amanda Scott and Zella King decided to release Personal Boardroom’s intellectual property and tools so that anyone can use them. That means YOU!

And everyone you know:

  • any trainer or facilitator working with any group on topics like network-building, career self-management, collective problem-solving or leadership
  • any coach, mentor, manager or friend helping an individual get along in their career
  • anyone at all who wants to take charge of their future


For more specifics on what Personal Boardroom is offering, and to help them make this work in the best way for you, please visit their website.

They've also written this article to give the background to their thinking.

And don't forget....on 23rd January 2018, Amanda Scott will be joining PWN Global as part of the personal leadership development webinar series. This will be a great opportunity for you to get a deeper understanding of the importance of networks, not networkiing, in a session entitled, Who Is In Your Personal Boardroom?


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