Marina Rinaldi: Network is Your Strength Closing Event

In October 2023, PWN Milan hosted their exclusive networking event with many extraordinary and unique women, accompanied by Marina RinaldiYa.Be and Fondazione Marisa Bellisario. It was thee in-boutique experience that the PWN team had been waiting for, and a culmination of all the fantastic PWN events that had unfolded across Europe, thanks to the Marina Rinaldi multi-PWN City Network Partnership.

PWN Milan were thrilled to share the "Network is your Strength" event, an incredible roadshow that brought together Fashion, Beauty, Networking, and Social aspects to celebrate women's strength and leadership.

Thanks to the invaluable collaboration with the renowned fashion brand Marina Rinaldi, PWN had the privilege of organising a series of engaging meetings at some of the fashion house's most exclusive boutiques. During these interactive talks, extraordinary women shared their experiences, inspiring us to grow and shine together.

At the Milan event,  the highlight of the evening was a 'fireside chat' between Gini Dupasquier,  VP Strategic Development of PWN Global (and former President of PWN Milan) and Luisella Giani, Europe Digital Enterprise Advisory Lead at Avanade, and a prominent figure in the world of digital innovation. These two powerhouses shared a meaningful conversation, echanging the experiences, values and commitment to support one another to thrive.

Marina Rinaldi event with PWN MilanWe cannot thank enough all the amazing women who made this event unique and memorable. Your dedication and passion made for an unforgettable evening, filled with deep connections and mutual inspiration.

We also want to express our gratitude to all the CNs that participated so passionately, the Marisa Bellisario Foundation for partnering with us, thus contributing to the success of this extraordinary project, and special thanks also go to the beauty brand Ya.Be for their valuable contribution.

Together, we have shown that the strength of female connection knows no bounds.

Let's continue to build bridges, support, and celebrate women's success in every aspect of life.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to each and every one of you for making this wonderful experience possible.

PWN Milan wanted to send a special thank you to all the amazing women who made the event truly special! Together, we forged powerful connections, inspiring each other to grow and shine. Your dedication made the evening unforgettable. Let's continue building bridges, supporting, and celebrating women's success. The power of female connection is limitless. 

Heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you!


Authors: Flavia Fabriza, PWN Milan and Rebecca Fountain, PWN Global
Date: April 2024

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