Meet our New Recruits!

In the last quarter of 2023, PWN Global ran a comprehensive campaign to recruit more volunteers. With our ambitious goals to grow our membership, to accelerate advancements in gender-balanced leadership by offering even more programmes and content, we need our volunteers more than event. Our gratitude has abounded at the droves of people who applied, and we have been able to make some key appointments that are going to make a difference.  Welcome to our new recruits!

Alexandra O'Neill

What is your PWN volunteer title? Project Management Officer

Why have you chosen to support the running of PWN Global? Contributing to the PWN Global mission enables me to create a more just, inclusive, diverse, and equitable society.

Tell us a litte more about you: I hold a PhD in Management, specialising in Strategy and Entrepreneurship, and a Master’s Degree in Management, both from Instituto Superior de Ciências do Trabalho e da Empresa. I also hold an Executive Master’s Degree in Business Management from INDEG-IUL ISCTE Executive Education, a Specialization in Geotechnics for Civil Engineering, and a BSc in Mining & Geo-resources, specialising in Petroleum, from Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade Nova de Lisboa. I am proud to be a Senior Member of the Order of Engineers.

I am a Certified Trainer in Petroleum & Gas, and as a Management consultant, with 20-years of experience I am also a Guest Lecturer on various topics for ISCTE Executive Education.

With a track record of international assignments in various industries, I am also a certified fATPL(A) aircraft pilot and a mother of one.

What would you like to help PWN achieve? I would like to help PWN Global achieve its mission of promoting gender equality and empowering women. Despite progress in recent years, there are still significant gender disparities. By supporting PWN Global, I would like to contribute to reduce these disparities by advocating for gender equality and provide resources to overcome barriers for equal opportunities, encouraging women's advancement in leadership roles, enhancing diversity of thought and perspective within organisations, which has been shown to improve decision-making and innovation.

What's your top tip for women in their professional lives? Cultivate confidence and assertiveness. We can overcome barriers, seize opportunities, and achieve our full potential, together! Let’s advocate for each other, let’s help each other in this important and challenging process of reaching an equitable society. Together we can do it.

Alina Gradinaru

What is your PWN volunteer title? Technology Support Analyst

Why you have chosen to support the running of PWN Global? I have several reasons why I was drawn to supporting the running of this organisation, mainly due to my desire for self-improvement and willingness to support PWN Global’s mission of promoting gender equality and women's empowerment in the workplace. 

I would love to make use of this opportunity to contribute my skills and knowledge that I gathered along my journey towards a meaningful cause, while also sharing valuable experiences by working alongside people who share the same values and ideologies. 

Tell us a litte more about you: I am currently working as a Certified Nurse in a Dental Office, pursuing a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering, aspiring to a change in my career path. Having only a degree in Nursing felt limiting to me, and so I’ve decided to lean towards a different path which better encapsulates my passion for technology and social impact: software development. I am a curious individual who likes to spend her free time jogging, trekking, and from time to time, strumming my Ukulele.

What you would like to help PWN achieve? I would like to help PWN achieve a dynamic and engaging online platform, in hopes of innovating and making a positive change by bringing my contributions to the table. 

What's your top tip for women in their professional lives? My top tip for women in their professional lives is to be confident in their abilities. Some women tend to think less of themselves, which is detrimental not only for one’s professional life, but personal as well.  Never hesitate to own your power, because in this way we can better seize opportunities and pursue goals which at first might seem impossible to reach. We can do anything we put our minds up to, as long as we believe in ourselves and our abilities.

Hollie Gregory

What is your PWN volunteer title? Business Development

Hollie GregoryWhy have you chosen to support the running of PWN Global? I am deeply committed to the ongoing progress of women worldwide. Embracing the collective wisdom of my fellow PWN professionals, I aspire to continually learn and grow, leveraging my extensive non-profit background to contribute meaningfully to the advancement of PWN in the years ahead. Together, let us forge a future where women thrive and excel in every sphere of society.

Tell us a litte more about you: I'm a passionate and collaborative sales, marketing, and communications executive who thrives on sparking enthusiasm for fresh ideas. Whether it's with startups or established industry, I love being at the heart of decision-making, bridging strategy and operations to lead dynamic teams and streamline business processes. My knack for big-picture thinking, strategic planning, and nurturing client relationships has been instrumental in driving growth and fostering positive change.

I currently divide my time between the United States (San Francisco, specifically) and Europe. I enjoy travel, cooking for friends, exploring the backroads, and look forward to calling Portugal home in the near future.

What would I like to help PWN achieve? I am passionate about propelling PWN to the forefront as the premier organisation driving the advancement of women globally. I am committed to nurturing strong partnerships to ensure PWN's continued success and impact in shaping a more inclusive and equitable future for all.

Your top tip for women in their professional lives? Challenge imposter syndrome: Recognize your worth and expertise. Don't let self-doubt hold you back from pursuing opportunities or taking on leadership roles.

Hollie is a great addition to our new PWN Global Corporate Partner Team 

PWN Global Corporate Partner Team




Author: Various
Copy Editor: Rebecca Fountain, Marketign Consultant, PWN Global
Date: April 2024

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