PWI Brussels: Our Events are Changing! Interview with Anna Koj, VP Partnerships

Hi Anna, you're PWI Brussels' VP for Partnerships but you are closely working with the events team. We have seen some interesting changes at PWI Brussels' events lately. 

What is happening?

We have, indeed, introduced a couple of new ideas focusing on two elements that have always been embedded in the PWI identity: creating relations between people and driving learning opportunities.  

PWN Brussels December Networking EventPWI Brussels will increase focus at networking events to connect members

To help our attendees connect in a more meaningful way, we now make sure that each of our networking events includes a facilitated interactive moment to help people get to know one another better and create lasting connections between those who share common interests or objectives. We have also experimented with a special message board in the room where people can ask for help or offer help to others on a post-it note. People can check the board throughout the whole event but we also make sure to put the authors of matching post-its in touch afterwards. 

We, then, want to ensure that the networking events provide opportunities to both our members and non-members to learn new things in an informal, yet engaging way. We encourage our PWI Brussels members that work on great projects to step forward and let us know they would like to share it with the rest of the group during one of our networkings. We have recently had a book presentation on ‘Women Leading the Way in Brussels’, co-authored by two of our members and we will have a great opportunity to benefit from some express tips on storytelling and presenting in front of the camera during our December Holiday Networking.

So far, we have received very positive feedback, which is great because the association's main goal is to serve its members. This is our true inspiration. 

Is this a new trend within PWI Brussels? 

PWI Brussels December Networking EventPresentation of the book 'Women Leading the Way in Brussels' authored by PWI Brussels members

With my fellow Board members and our Executive Committee, we keep building on the strong PWI Brussels foundations, while always looking for innovative ways to bring added value to our members and engage non-members in our activities. We are looking at new exciting formats for 2018 events to ensure that we keep growing and evolving. And we always seek and welcome feedback, as well as new ideas from our members. So, please share your thoughts with us, contribute ideas and, maybe, get involved in putting together an initiative you care about! 

PWI Brussels is what its members are and make of it. We are very open and happy to see members get involved, either in a systemic way or on an ad-hoc basis around a specific project. 

You can reach me at and my fellow Board members will also be happy to be in touch - their contacts are available on our website. 

What else can we expect?

As part of my role as VP for Partnerships, I am looking at how we can create valuable and enriching experience for our members by collaborating with individuals and organisations with an affinity with our mission and vision. There a number of things lined up in the pipeline already but let the details remain a surprise for the months to come!

Keep an eye on our website to be the first to know of upcoming events or learn about our programmes. Our Mentoring Programme is currently accepting applications for mentors or mentees -




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