Unemployed and looking for a job? Look after yourself first!

The world of work is changing. Fast. And I am really enjoyed speaking to the PWN Global audience today, 20th April, regarding being ready for the future of work. The recording of the session is now available to PWN Members to playback, here

However, some things don’t change and there are still some basics to keep in mind when trying to  stay motivated and resilient in your job hunting.

At the risk of being un-original, let me repeat what you have all heard many times when onboard an aircraft. 

The safety instructions from the cabin crew before take-off include valuable advice. If the oxygen masks descend during the flight, then be sure to put on your own mask before helping others.

It is easy to overlook the point that taking care of yourself first in such a situation would equally apply to other areas of life. 

In short, if you are not in good shape then how can you be at your best for others?

Spending time searching web pages and apps for suitable employment, updating CVs, making applications, networking,  preparing for and undertaking online and in-person interviews all take a lot from you. 

After a while, you can lose your motivation, suffer a drop in energy and feel guilty that you are not able to care for family or friends in the way you wish. 

Finances can become a worry. As the situation rolls on it can eat at your self-confidence and become mentally draining on so many fronts.

So, what can help? 

Well, it’s important that when you dip into negative feelings you reach for the oxygen mask. It’s okay to be a little selfish. Here are my top 6 tips:

  • Get into a routine. Finding a suitable job is your job. So, get up and dressed and after breakfast start your day, as you might at any office. 
  • Allocate your time to specific tasks, including coffee breaks, nutritional lunch breaks and start and finish times. In fact, take a break every two hours since you are your own boss. 
  • Organise your paperwork and computer files. Make lists and enjoy ticking things off.
  • Let family and friends know when you are available to be with them and when you need some quiet time. They will understand. (Pets are less understanding, I do realise.)
  • Make time for some guilt-free restorative enjoyment for yourself (such as yoga, cycling, walking in the forest, listening to music or - my current favourite - Podcasts).
  • Acknowledge that while there are downsides to your current unemployment, of course, this is not a forever situation. An unemployed period is an opportunity to redefine yourself. It's a positive chance to discover who you really are, and what you want and to map out how to get there. 

Enjoy the much needed oxygen. 

Don't forget to check out the webinar recording "Are you ready for the future of work?" for more ideas on where the future of work is heading. 



Dr. Keith Amoss is professional career coach and mentor based in Luxembourg. More info on www.Keithamoss.com.




Date: April 2023
Author: Dr Keith Amoss
Editor: Rebecca Fountain, The Marketing Fountain

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