International Mentoring Programme 2024

We are delighted to launch the International Mentoring Programme 2024. The Application process will open on 1st February and you have until 23rd February to express your interest.

You may already be familiar with the amazing selection of local mentoring programmes, offered by our PWN city networks around the world? From each of these, we have garnered fantastic feedback from mentors and mentees alike! 

So, what's the purpse of the International Mentoring Programme?

PWN Global International Mentoring Programme 2024Many women are looking to develop an international career. By joining such a programme, they will be armed with different ways to progress, develop their leadership and decision-making skills, and embrace their growth in an international environment.

This International Programme runs from Mid-March, through to October 2024.

What’s in it for you?

As a Mentee:

  • Expand your network and build your professional relationships with the help of a mentor who offers invaluable international experience
  • Have a “safe place” to ask your questions, share your ideas and discuss your challenges
  • Learn about new ways to grow within and outside of your organisation.

 As a Mentor:

  • Enhance your people skills in areas such as leadership, coaching and communication
  • Expand your professional network and learn about different sectors and industries
  • Share your advice and knowledge, while giving back to your organisation.

Want to learn more? 

As a Mentee, please reach out to: 

As a Mentor, please reach out to:





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