Act Before You OverThink, Lison Mage

In July of last year, Lison Mage joined our webinar programme with a session asking 'Are You An Over-Thinker?'. We had an unprecedented number of participants, so we know the topic resonated with our PWN community. 

Lison MageAs with all our webinars, if you are a PWN member, you can listen back to a recording of the session. 

In addition to the webinar, you may like to review her book on the same topic. 

Are you an overthinker?

Too clever for your own good? Unable to make a decision even after overanalysing data in enormous spreadsheets? Feeling stuck and anxious imagining countless what-if scenarios?

Based on more than 365 interviews with overthinkers, Lison Mage uncovers and debunks the three myths of overthinking that hold you back from reaching your full potential, in your career and relationships.

Backing up her findings with psychological studies and behavioural sciences, the book offers practical strategies and tools addressing the different types of overthinking, to break free from stress, self-doubt and perfectionism.

You will learn how to:

  • Gain control over your deepest fears and show up as your most empowered self,
  • Balance thinking and doing, setting you on a path to greater joy and purpose,
  • Build confidence and decisiveness when facing complex choices.

"Mage provides an impressive evidence base and uses analogies and creative narratives to unlock the issues of overthinking. She lands the solution with a compelling and pragmatic approach to making decisions efficiently, even the hardest ones! A must-read for corporate leaders and influencers."

Bryan Whitefield, Speaker, facilitator and author of Risky Business and Persuasive Advising.

"Lison has given us a very practical and clarifying way of thinking about the habit of overthinking. There are clear "myths of overthinking" as Lison powerfully calls out, that can lead us to get caught in using overthinking as a strategy. If this is you, this book will help you find out the ways in which you can regain control of your habits."

Dr Amy Silver, Expert in high-performance, and author of The Loudest Guest: How to change and control your relationship with fear.

To get your copy of the book , from your closest country supplier, click here

For more book recommendations, check out the Books page on our website. 

Lison will also be joining us for a second webinar, on 22nd February at 1pm, on the curious topic of "To Make Better Decisions, Get a Purple Team".

Article published: January 2024

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