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PWN Global Newsletter Q4 2021

Dear Members, dear Friends,

Since our election on 28 June 2021, we have been working hard to come back to you with a strategy that we wanted to be both faithful to the original spirit of PWN, pioneering and daring, and also forward-looking. We want to give a new impetus to our association and really define it's place it in the 21st century.

We have been travelling to meet our PWN Global Board members, and City Networks. Special mention has to go to the warm welcome that we receievd at the PWN Paris Congrès, where they also celebrated the 25th birthday of the network - and birthplace of PWN Global (read more on PWN's history, here). 

We want PWN to be able to accompany each member in thier professional and career advancement. We want to contribute in a very concrete way to the emergence of new laws and new legislative or non-legislative developments in the field of gender-balanced leadership.

The PWN Global Association, aims to create impact at three levels:

  1. At an individual level - where women are essential, and men are committed to support our ambitions to progress more quickly, with greater certainty;
  2. At a business level - where there are often struggles to ensure gender diversity across all levels of leadership; and 
  3. At a societal level - meaning governmental and political organisations and authorities, both local and global, of the countries themselves and the EU institutions or UN bodies.

To achieve this ambition, we organise our network around three pillars: an engaging network; an acting network; and, an impacting network.

Engaging Network

We wish to offer an exceptional experience to all members. Being a member must provide significant advantages and open new doors. The network must be able to create value, by connecting everyone to each other, offering openings and strengthening personal networks. We also need to grow in numbers and geography to strengthen the voice and power of PWN.

To do this, we will work on three areas:

a. Membership experience:  to offer products and services according to the needs of our members; to welcome and nurture new members, supporting ways to become a member, even when you are in a small, isolated city.

b. “God Mother” project or international network development: to launch new city networks and to provide support for the smaller ones with the support of our existing dedicated members who can take this spiritual mentoring role.

c. “Menbassadors”: to involve men in this ambition of transformation in favour of gender-balanced leadership.


Acting Network

Since we are an action-oriented network, helping everyone develop their leadership skills, to take their place, and helping companies to install gender diversity at all levels of organisational management. Our actions are concrete and effective.

a. PWN Academy: with several major programs to manage leadership development of our members at different stages of their professional careers:

  1. International Mentoring Program
  2. International Leadership Program
  3. Career Acceleration Program
  4. Women on Boards Program

b. Virtual Entrepreneurship Program: to accompany women who want to take the step into entrepreneurship or to further develop their businesses (start-ups and scale-ups)

c. TandeMW: a global gender-balanced incubator to support companies in implementing gender equality, to help them better understand and manage gender-balanced leadership, in a friendly manner.


Impacting Network

Because we want to make our commitment and our actions loud and clear, so that gender balance becomes the 'normal' state of being for everyone. 

Here too we will have three clear goals:

a. Marketing & communication: a strong image with strong offers will be necessary to spread our word and our actions as far and wide as possible. We already have high level program offers, a comprehensive library of webinar recordings, access to scholarships for study with prestigious business schools, and other tools to be developed... PWN is a brand today. we must collectively respect it so that its impact is efficient.

b. Fundraising: partnerships will be major, and funding will allow us to achieve this ambition. The more we are accompanied, with major players, and with significant funding, the more we will be able to deploy our strategy and satisfy all current members and all those to come.

c. Gender-balanced leadership research: to go further, to position ourselves at the forefront of research in the field of business and leadership, to set the standard, and to become the key thought leader on leadership and gender issues.

We recognise that a redesign of our website and membership platform is required to match our ambition and image and that project is underway.

We are seeking the entire community’s support in helping to achieve this ambitious vision for our future – whether you are a PWN member, a leader of a PWN City Network, a corporate partner, a business interested in championing gender balanced leadership, one of our social media follows, or, a subscriber to our newsletter we are counting on your active participation to build a successful future for this incredible international network, so that we can continue to advance gender balanced leadership, together. 

To this end, we are setting up steering and advisory bodies to strengthen our operational performance, and to remain attentive and responsive to each other. If you would like to participate in and of the voluntary activities available, please be in touch and let us know what skills you would like to contribute.

Our mantra: Growing Stronger, Together!

We hope you enjoy this quarter's newsletter and all of the the interesting articles on offer. Please do share our newsletter with any of your own networks that you think would be interested in knowing more about PWN Global.

We look forward to listening to your ideas and are very happy to share this wonderful adventure with you all.

Warm regards,

Virginia and Nadine




Virginia Otel
PWN Global




Nadine Castellani
Co-President, 2021-2023
PWN Global


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Thank you to all our PWN Global Corporate Partners:

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