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PWN Global Newsletter Q4 2022

Transitioning into Autumn

Dear members and supporters, 

It's been a whirlwind re-entry to work for those of us who were lucky enough to get a Summer break, and PWN continues to highlight the place of women in the world, and in leadership.

Continue to inspire

In this edition of our newsletter, we remind you that PWN’s mission to inspire and support women of the world to achieve their career aspirations and goals.  We love it when we see former PWN volunteers continuing to uphold our mission and values outside of the network, in the wider world. Check out the work of Stephanie Mitrano-Méda in our Expert's Corner, below. As a former city network President of PWN Marseille and a former VP Mentoring with PWN Global, Stephanie continues to share her talents and support women around the world with her introspective practises. 

Playing on the world stage 

The PWN Global Board is delighted to be working with the EU. We uphold our commitment to participate in promoting and signing the manifesto of the Brussels Declaration. We would like to thank Susannah Haan, former Secretary of PWN Global and former President of PWN’s Brussels chapter (PWI Brussels). who has been instrumental in contributing to the development of the Declaration. Susannah is a great ambassador for gender-balanced leadership and her recent appointment as Senior Corporate Governance Adviser with the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) means she can now make even more of an impact in her mission. 

We believe that it is important for PWN Global to assist in the advancement of women by supporting projects such as the Brussels Declaration, and doing all we can to spotlight role models for our members. We are proud to be part of the discussions around this important topic. 

Professional, and chic! 

Finally, if you want to step up your personal brand as a female leader, we have a great opportunity for you. Launched in the European capital of fashion, PWN Milan has brokered a great partnership with Marina Rinaldi, which will be rolling out across our network over the coming months. Want to get your hands on some of her colourful signature pieces? Check out our article below regarding the event dates of the 6 participating PWN city networks.

Finishing line in sight

As we head along the ‘home straight’ for the end of the year, we dearly hope that the difficulties we have faced in 2022, due to continuing Pandemic, the war at the gates of Europe, and the economic upheavals, will soon be but a distant memory. We must remain positive and show our resilience in these times of difficulty, and our mindset is the only thing we truly have control over. We pledge our continuing efforts to do everything in our power to support the development of gender-balanced leadership by working with, amongst others, governing bodies to advance gender equality.

Please feel free to share our newsletter with your own networks that you think would like to know more about the PWN Global network.

Warmest regards from your dedicated Presidents

Virginia and Nadine




Virginia Otel
PWN Global




Nadine Castellani
Co-President, 2021-2023
PWN Global


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Expert's Corner

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PWN Global Sponsored Events

PWN Global Sponsored Event: A European Manifesto - What world do we want to create for our daughters and sons?

October 26 2022
18:00 - 19:00

PWN Global is proud to be part of the Brussels Declaration Project. 

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Thank you to all our PWN Global Corporate Partners:

Mercer, Michael Page, Marina Rinaldi, INSEAD and IE Business School


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