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PWN Global Newsletter Q4 2019

Uplifted and Inspired

Dear PWN Community,

October 2019 will forever be marked in our Association’s history with the launch of our inaugural 'Gender Balanced Leadership Awards’. The first of many of such events, that will represent a beacon of inclusiveness, talent and collaboration as we come together as a global network. On an annual basis, we intend to celebrate and honour the global initiatives, best practices and leaders who embrace our mission of accelerating gender balanced leadership in business and society.

There are no words that could capture the goodwill, energy and togetherness which was experienced by all who attended in our 2019 edition that took place at the Intercontinental Hotel in Dublin.

Our City Network Presidents from our 30 city networks along with their board members, our Federation Board, Corporate Partners, individual members, guests, press and advocates of our network joined us on the night, and you can read more about the category winners in the article below. 

We were also delighted to have our former Co-Presidents Sonya Richardson and Rob Baker join us at the Awards.  Sheila and I stepped into their shoes in June 2019, and it was great to feel their presence in the room at our first major public appearance as the 'new' Co-Presidents of PWN Global. Sonya, Rob, thank you for your continued suport!

Whilst in Dublin, Sonya launched our wonderful ‘PWN Global Allumni’ initiative. It is with this project that we endeavor to create a platform for all past presidents, local and global, to stay connected and an avenue where they can continue to contribute to our network in an impactful way. This exceptional initiative will provide a community of support for all new President's stepping into their roles, ensuring that we have continuity for our city network leaders, and that we learn from our predecessors as they continue to support our global network in this period of exceptional,  exponential growth. Onwards and forwards with support!

It also felt special and appropriate to have the founding member of our global network with us at the Awards. We were delighted to honour Avivah Wittenberg-Cox for her contributions to our network, over the last couple of decades, with the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ for her tireless and impactful work in the sphere of gender balanced leadership. 

Maximising the opportunity of having so many international business leaders in the same place, on Friday 11th Ocober 2019, we invited corporate partners and sponsors to join us in a 'Diversity Lab' on the topic ‘Thriving in the Digital Era- Digital as an accelerator of Gender Balanced Leadership’. Participants left the session with new insights, new solutions and new connections that will support them in capitalizing on the digital era to advance gender balanced leadership in their organisations.

Our Diversity Lab was followed by our own Presidents' offsite strategy meeting - an annual gathering where all of our volunteer Presidents from around the world work collaboratively for a few days of sharing, connecting and learning from each other.  As a virtual organisation, our annual meeting is a really important moment in our calendar where team relationships are built and trust is fostered, enabling us all to move forward with a shared common vision. Without the generosity of our corporate partners this would not be possible - so we thank each and everyone of you, along with our team in PWN Dublin who managed the logistics on the ground. 

It has indeed been a busy week and we look forward to growing and future proofing our network, fuelled with the inspiration, energy and goodwill experienced during this special few days.

Enjoy this edition and please remember to forward it to your friends and colleagues who you think will enjoy it too. 

Many thanks and best regards for a productive end to 2019!

Carina Furlong, Co-President, PWN Global



Carina Furlong
PWN Global


Sheila Gemin, Co-President, PWN Global



Sheila Gemin
PWN Global


*The Q4 intro was written by Carina Furlong. 

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Thank you to all our PWN Global Corporate Partners:

Mercer, Amazon, Europcar, Lafarge Holcim and INSEAD 


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