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PWN Global Newsletter Q3 2020

Dear PWN friends,

Here we are, newsletter number three of 2020! Since newsletter number one, the world has changed beyond recognition and forced us all to take a step back to absorb what is happening around us and reflect on the consequences. At this moment, we are all hearing the term "new normal", knowing that things will never again be exactly as they were before the pandemic. 

Many of you have, and still are experiencing uncertainty, maybe even anxiety, not to mention the fear of what the future holds. We want to say that we hear you, and we see you. 

In the last couple of months, we as a community, have tried to turn things around by transforming our offline local community to a stronger online global community, to support, inspire and strengthen our connections with each other. With the recent launch of the PWN Global Virtual Entrepreneur program, we wanted to create an environment that focuses on the future and strengthens your capabilities to become a successful entrepreneur. This, coupled with the local mentoring programmes is proving the continued value that our global network can bring to you. 

One of the exciting and inspiring events we were all looking forward to, our flagship PWN Global Gender Balanced Leadership Awards, was scheduled for its second edition in November 2020.  After an incredibly successful inaugural event in 2019, we have had to take the difficult decision to postpone our second event to November 2021. We will be returning to Dublin in 2021, and the beautiful venue of Clontarf Castle, to create the next inclusive and rewarding event. Given the current circumstances and restrictions in different countries, we invite you to join us next year and celebrate your successes. Read more about the event and our reasons for postponing in the article below. 

So, our goals for the rest of 2020 are:

  • to continue building a strong network comprising a community of valuable connections;
  • to further develop our programs and continually improve our member experience; and,
  • create more impact in advancing gender balanced leadership.

To achieve these goals, we need you - your talent, passion and uniqueness to help us grow and expand.

Join us as a volunteer in one of the city networks or one of the working groups on a global level. From personal experience, I can honestly say that this is an enriching experience that from time to time will challenge your comfort zone, but will leave a lasting positive imprint on your development journey. There are lots of interesting roles currently available. Visit our Volunteer Opportunities page and get searching for the role that will support your own professional development, or, simply give back to a community that has supported you. 

We wish you a hot Summer with lots of laughter, time with friends and family and some time to reflect and look forward into the future. Please take a look at all the activities that our PWN city networks are offering in their respective cities, and alongside our PWN Global programs! With our current online offering of networking and webinar sessions, you can experience a truly culturally and geographically diverse audience, and build your library of knowledge. 

We may not have our Awards event in 2020, as originally planned, but we certainly will not let COVID19 stop us from  celebrating the progress we are making! 

And finally, 10 years ago, on 2nd July 2010, the UN General Assembly voted to establish UN Women to accelerate progress in meeting the needs of women and girls worldwide. We'd like to send them our wholehearted support of congratulations on this important milestone! #GenerationEquality.

Enjoy this edition and please remember to forward it to your friends and colleagues who you think will enjoy it too. 

Please stay safe, stay well and stay connected. 

 Best regards!

Carina Furlong, Co-President, PWN Global



Carina Furlong
PWN Global




Sheila Gemin
PWN Global


*The Q3 intro was written by Sheila Gemin 

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