PWN Geneva-Lausanne: "What are the key skills an entrepreneur needs?"

29 October 2019 18:30 - 20:30 Maison de la Femme






What are the key skills an entrepreneur needs? And - do you have what it takes?

Some schools of thought qualify entrepreneurs as "people who are willing to take risks that others are not". Many people are qualified as entrepreneurs within an organization, demonstrating skills that don't involve setting up their own business entity.
Regardless of how you define being an "entrepreneur," there is a common skill set that those who qualify as successful entrepreneurs have demonstrated.
Join us for this expert roundtable discussion and find out how you can identify these winning skills in your own profile and develop a plan to maximize or acquire them accordingly.
Location will be confirmed shortly.

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Maison de la Femme
Fondation Madeleine Moret
Avenue Eglantine 6
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CHF0 per attendee
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CHF40 per attendee
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  • Ms Helen Shapiro
    Founder and Mass challenge mentor Vegvisir Consulting VIEW PROFILE
  • Ms Melitta Campbell
    Entrepreneur and Coach Melitta Campbell Business Mentor & Coach for Women VIEW PROFILE

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