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  • Why every business should have a returnship scheme

    27 July

    Why every business should have a returnship scheme By Ann Pickering Ann Pickering, O2’s HR director, talks about O2’s...

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  • The Small Number Of Women On Corporate Boards Will Perplex You

    27 July

    We've seen more awareness about the importance of placing women on corporate boards...but yet they're still almost exclusively...

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  • Women blame bias, men blame parenting: How does an industry become male-dominated?

    27 July

    When an industry’s dominated by men, the all too few women represented are even more likely to come up against bias in...

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Latest research

  • Men talk more than women in the sales profession and it doesn't serve them, research shows


    There's a cultural stereotype that says that women talk a lot while men are stoic, silent and...

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  • How AI will teach us to have more empathy

    “John, did you remember it’s your anniversary?”

    This message did not appear in my inbox and Alexa didn’t say it aloud the...

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  • Done and dusted: New study shows that men think gender inequality is solved

    Closing the gender gap relies heavily on the broad acknowledgement that the gap actually exists.

    But new research conducted...

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