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Are you a journalist wanting to find out more about PWN Global and its work? Let us make things easy for you! We have an extensive directory of accomplished expert, media-ready speakers who are able to give interviews and opinion pieces on many topics relating to gender balanced leadership.

In addition to our great expert resource, we'd be happy to provide you with our complete press pack.

  • Deloitte Women in the Boardroom

    29 June 2017 Language : Romanian

    Ne face plăcere să vă prezintam a cincea ediție a studiului Deloitte Women in the Boardroom, analiza globală, regională și locală a progresului privind diversitatea de gen.



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  • PWN Milan – June 21 Empowering Talk Event on how to overcome inconscious bias and light up the ambition among the young girls

    20 June 2017 Language : English

    PWN Milan invites you to the next Empowering Talk Event, in association with Mattel, one of the leader companies in the toys industry and BET She Can Foundation.

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  • Gender Balance in the PWN Global Presidency Elections

    20 June 2017 Language : English

    PWN Global takes historic move in appointing joint female and male Co-Presidents to Global Federation Board, meeting balanced leadership in its own organisation, and reflecting the mission towards achieving fully inclusive and balanced organisations worldwide.

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    25 May 2017 Language : English

    A NEW BOARD for PWN Milan: Roberta Toniolo Confirmed as President for the next two years: “Along with Corporations we support a new generation of professional women”

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  • L'argent des Femmes - Madame Figaro

    4 May 2017 Language : French

    En amour on ne compte pas...pourtant dans le couple, lorsque c'est elle qui affiche un salaire plus élevé que lui, l'argent devient parfois un problème et perturbe la relation.

    MadameFigaro_largentdesfemmes - 28 mars 2014

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