Many of our current members have international career profiles. This means that sometimes they are posted to areas in the world where there is no PWN presence. Having been a member of such a dynamic organisation, they miss the camaraderie and the networking opportunities. So, what do they do? Set up their own local city network of course!

Setting up a city network is no small undertaking and can be hugely daunting - however, PWN Global has over 25 years of experience of helping to set up new city networks and we can provide some support by way of best practice guides, mentoring and advice.

Creating a new city network from scratch is a great opportunity to develop your leadership and team-building skills. Ready for the challenge? We suggest that you start your network by forming a small group and joining as individual online members. Once you reach 40+ members, you are eligible to join PWN Global as a city network. If you are interested and would like to provide us with further information about your group, please fill in this survey

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