PWN London: Show Stress Who's Boss!

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21 October 2020 18:30 GMT - 20:30 GMT Canaccord Genuity

Every ambitious individual aspires to maintain a high level of performance to achieve their goals, but stress can sometimes get in the way.  This workshop will provide tools and strategies to manage stress and cope with the pressures and demands of the high-powered, working environment

During the workshop we'll look at tools, skills and strategies to build resilience and bounce back from stress:

  • Simple ways to release tension
  • Effective ways to build resilience to pressure
  • Causes and effects of stress:  both home and work
  • Practical methods to toughen up mind and body
  • Proven steps to help you sleep soundly
  • How mindfulness can help the busy executive

Your presenter: Carole Spiers

Carole is an international Motivational Speaker. A noted expert on stress, the management of change and the development of a healthy workplace culture, Carole shows us how to communicate effectively, build resilience, and improve wellbeing, so that we can respond successfully to challenges. 

CEO of an international Stress and Wellbeing consultancy, and founder of International Stress Awareness Week, Carole is also the author of Show Stress Who’s Boss! and Tolley’s Managing Stress in the Workplace. A popular BBC guest-broadcaster, she is first choice for comment on work-related stress. 

Watch Carole on Sky and BBC News 2019:


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Canaccord Genuity
88 Wood Street London EC2V 7QR
United Kingdom
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