Hike with PWN - Disconnect To Reconnect

08 March 2020 10:30 - 13:00



Celebrate Women's Day with PWN!

Outdoor hike, digital detox tips and meditation with wellness expert Sarah Smith.


Come Disconnect to Reconnect!

Outdoor hike, digital detox tips and meditation with wellness expert Sarah Smith.
Participants put aside their digital arm to recharge, gain perspective, and reevaluate their relationship with digital technology.
Quality time in nature and with the people in your life is important, and there is no app for that.
Join us to share!

Let’s face it. We are in a digital age, technology is in our everyday lives more than ever.
Our phones are attached to us day and night and it’s having a negative impact on our mental and physical health overall. Technology should be making our lives easier, not more difficult, but we are getting burnt out and disconnected from our loved ones.
Sarah Smith shares some NINJA TIPS, on how to stop being a slave to social media and set healthy boundaries with your devices.
There are some amazing benefits from the digital age we are in, but there are also boundaries we can choose to set regarding our usage. Beyond this demanding world, there is a place, a time, and a time to experience real life, the beauty in this world,
inspiration and live connection with others. I call these our magical moments. They are all around us all the time.

How about the last time you felt real joy instead of texting a happy face?
Can you remember having a heartfelt moment and looking into the eyes of someone you love?
When do you pause and really experience gratitude?
How does the sun feel on your face?
When do you spend time with people you love disconnected from tech?
How can you start experiencing those magical moments right now?

First, realize that the magic in your life is available to you all the time.
Join us on this mini digital detox hike! PLACES LIMITED - REGISTRATION IS MANDATORY


What to expect :

-Amazing view of Beaulieu and the Cap Ferrat

-The hike is a loop of 4km. The hiking time is approx 1h30 hour.

-We'll have a picnic on the beach in Beaulieu at the end of the hike

Do not forget to bring your picnic to enjoy it while networking on the beach.


Event details

Member price
€0 per attendee
Non-member price
€10 per attendee
Other details
Meeting point : Train Station of Beaulieu

Registration before March 7th is mandatory (even for members).

Participants bring their own picnic.


  • Mrs Sarah Smith

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