PWN Copenhagen: Annual General Meeting

27 January 2021 19:30 - 21:00 Online meeting

We are excited to invite you to the Annual General Meeting of PWN Copenhagen. This year, the AGM will be conducted virtually.

The Agenda:

  1. Election of the AGM Moderator (Dirigent)
  2. Election of the Minutes Secretary
  3. Introduction by Dirigent
  4. Presentation and Approval of the Report by the President and Team
  5. Presentation and Approval of the Treasurer’s Report
    1. Statements of Account 2020
    2. Presentation of the Budget for 2021. 
  6. Presentation and Elections of Board and Executive Team Members
  7. Voting on any AGM Related Matters
  8. Member Floor Questions/Ideas/Discussions:
    1. Survey
    2. Small-Group discussions
    3. Open questions and discussions
  9. Closing the AGM

We encourage all Premium Members to attend. If you are unable to attend in person, you may submit a written authority to a proxy of your choice or to the board. 


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Online meeting

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DKK0 per attendee
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DKK750 per attendee

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