PWN Netherlands-Unmasking & understanding neurodiversity in women

04 November 2021 19:00 CET - 20:30 CET Online via Zoom

Why is it that when we hear the words Autism Spectrum Disorder or ADHD, we tend to imagine a male stereotype? Because of this bias, when women go for help, their symptoms are often misdiagnosed as anxiety or depression and so they continue to struggle alone. 

In the workplace, managing a successful career requires energy, but what how do you cope when you are not neurotypical? How much energy goes into masking neurodivergent traits, trying to navigate the day-to-day reality that for others is easy?  

In this heartwarming presentation, Jacinta Noonan, ADHD coach and psychologist, will talk about neurodiversity in woman at work . She will start by defining neurodiversity and why you need to know about this topic. You will learn about the traits of ADHD and ASD with an emphasis on the strengths inherent in these two conditions. Furthermore, in your role as manager, recruiter or entrepreneur, you will learn how small accommodations can help enormously to make the workplace comfortable and inclusive for neurodiverse people.  

You will leave this event with practical take-aways that will help you recognize and appreciate neurodiversity in your workplace. Instead of judging a colleague as being rude, or uncaring or irresponsible or lazy, you will see behind the mask and see an amazing human being trying much harder than you could possibly imagine. You will know how to lighten the load so your colleague can use their energy being themselves, instead of always trying to fit in. 

It’s time for neurodivergent women to come forward, to be seen and to better understand themselves, and it’s time for those of us who work alongside them to be open and flexible to other ways of being. Through understanding and acceptance of ‘other’ we can all thrive and enjoy career success. 

Jacinta Noonan has been fascinated with neurodiversity all her life. She is a successful coach, trainer and a budding author. She runs a successful coaching practice specializing in ADHD and gives workshops on topics that enable us to understand others better. She believes that we would work better together if we improved our understanding of and embraced our differences.  She is currently working on a book called, ADHD at Work.
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