Optimism Tuneup for La Rentrée!

14 September 2021 08:00 Paris - 09:30 Paris

It's La Rentrée!

Hope everyone has a fantastic summer with some happy holiday time. 

As people go back to work, school or other activities, we wanted to offer  the option to have an optimism tuneup from our partners at the Centre for Optimism in Australia with our Fall Optimism Cafe.

For those of you who have attended an Optimism session in the past, you will understand why the Optimism Cafes are always  one of our most popular events. For those who have not yet had the pleasure, come prepared to answer the question:

What makes you optimistic?

Join us for a lively breakfast session to kick off La Rentree with the spirit of Optimism. 

There will be discussions, techniques to build your optimism and manage your emotions, quotes, poetry,  a short meditation, laughter and a beautiful live song from Kay Clancy. 

With Victor Perton (CFO Founder and CEO) and Amanda Noz (CFO Representative in Europe and our PWN Nice Cote d'Azur Co-President)

NOTE - Important tip: This event is FREE for members however you have to log in  before registering so the system recognizes you as a member. 

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